About Brittany the Voyage Girl

Call me Brittany, your Wanderlust Queen!

What made a 20-year-old girl sell almost everything, turn away from the traditional path of college and career planning, and cross the country in an old conversion van? Only catching a serious case of wanderlust will do that. Well, maybe it’s a little more complicated than that. How did I do it? Why did I do it? Read on to find out.

I have two major passions besides traveling: drawing and reading. When I graduated high school, I planned to get a degree in fine arts. Well, I only stuck it out for two years. Then, the wanderlust came calling. My college was in my hometown. My job at a Starbucks was in my hometown. I’d only left my home state twice! The truth is, I just wasn’t happy in my position and I wasn’t even sure what I was in college for or what my personal goals were. I did know one thing: Reading had introduced me to all kinds of places and people. I think that reading about people and places and ideas outside my own made me crazy wondering what it would be like to experience them for myself.

While I’d love to be the sort who jet-sets away to a foreign land, the most practical option for me, a college student with limited funds and no foreign language fluency, was to cross the United States instead. So I bought my grandfather’s old conversion van and came up with a plan.

I travel seasonally. I sleep in my van in places where it’s warm in the winter and explore northern climates in the summer. I’ve had to learn to be security-minded and vigilant but open-minded. I’ve had to be flexible and resourceful. I’ve had to learn to ask for help and give help in return. To fund my travels, I set up in touristy areas and draw caricatures, putting my art degree to work! This has helped me meet even more amazing people than I would have.

There’s no doubt that travel has changed my life. I’ve seen incredible sights and learned just what’s out there without even leaving my own country. I’ve had to open my mind and heart, and I’ve gained an entirely new perspective that has given me a sense of freedom and confidence. I started the Voyage Girl blog so I can share some of what I’ve experienced and process my adventures.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!